How To Initiate A Successful Hotel LinkedIn Marketing Campaign

By. Are Morch 13th Jul 2011
Creating an Hotel LinkedIn Marketing Campaign that will engage Champion Advocates and attract new market segments


§  Establish a LinkedIn Group for your Hotel Brand

§   Attract members through targeted advertising campaigns

§  Build Lasting Relationships and Engage in Conversations with consumer through Partner Messages

§  Utilize Recommendation Ads to grow recommendations on your Company Page with network-aware ads that showcase your existing endorsements and seek more of them

§  Engage your network and peers with thought-leadership discussions

§  Involve your network and peers in developing your Social Media Presence

§  Reward your network and peers

§  Reach target audience with polls

§  Identify consumers that are most likely to take action

Why use LinkedIn?

§  Largest Social Network of professional Hoteliers

§  Targeted market segment

§  Trusted resource for talented Hoteliers

§  Easily staying in touch with your network and peers

§  Establish new attractive professional connections


§  Establish a large network of champion brand advocates and peers

§  Active discussion that build brand equity

§  Group members will be decision makers

§  Increased products and service recommendations


Quality Control

§  Put in place effective challenges that identify your Hotel brands key goals

§  Use Advanced Search for demographic data

§  Test solutions that most effective build up on your goals

Quality Assurance

§  Optimize your Company Page for engagement

§  Identify key employees with a already established quality LinkedIn Network

§  Put in place a employee profile optimization program

§  Establish thought-leadership through LinkedIn Answers

Quality Evaluation

§  Identify milestone success factors

§  Identify which test solution that sparked most engagement

§  Write findings in your LinkedIn Campaign report

§  Share info with your network and peers, and encourage feedback

LinkedIn is a valuable platform that is perfect for initiating an effective Hotel Marketing Campaign. With some of these simple strategies in place you will also experience rapid results.

These principles will help you identify the decision makers and help you exceed your expectations.

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