Yield Management: Strategies for the Service Industries

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Yield management is a vital concept for businesses aiming to optimize their revenue potential and make the most of their available resources. By strategically controlling pricing, inventory, and distribution channels, businesses can effectively maximize revenue and profitability. In this article, we will delve into the fundamentals of yield management and explore the best strategies that businesses can employ to achieve optimal results.

This ground-breaking textbook covers all aspects of yield management and includes a wide range of real-world examples from the service industries. It is divided into three sections:

  1. Underpinning Knowledge: This section provides the foundational understanding of yield management.
  2. Contemporary Models: Here, you will find an exploration of current yield management models across various service sectors.
  3. Decision Support System: The final section focuses on how yield management serves as a decision support system for front-line staff and managers. It also highlights the growing importance of new technologies in this field.

The book concludes with a collection of case studies showcasing successful implementation of yield management in industries such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, and leisure.

Note: There are two editions of this book available:

Second Edition published February 15, 2001,   This ground-breaking textbook covers all aspects of the subject and draws on a wide range of applications in the service industries. Three sections comprise this book: the first presents underpinning knowledge associated with Yield Management; the second examines contemporary models of Yield Management across a number of service sectors; and the third reviews how Yield Management acts as a decision support system for front-line staff and managers, and also highlights the growing importance of new technologies. The book concludes with a range of case studies taken from airlines, hotels, restaurants, cruise lines and leisure industries.

First Edition published March 1, 1997 : This student text begins by addressing the underpinning theory of yield management. It explains why the concept has been developed to manage capacity in the hospitality and tourism industries, and it details the underlying economic history behind yield management. Discussions of how yield management can be applied to various service industries, including the airline industry (from where the concept originated), the hotel industry, visitor attractions and conference facilities are also included.

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