ADR (Average Daily Rate)

Average Daily Rate (ADR) is a metric widely used in the hospitality industry to measure the performance of a hotel and indicate the average room revenue earned or achieved for an occupied room across all room types on a given period (day, month to date, month, year to date). A hotel’s ADR includes discounted rates, … Continued

ADS (Alternate Distribution System)

Alternate Distribution System (ADS ) A term usually used in the GDS world to describe the distribution via 3rd party websites, this includes online travel agencies (OTA), travel portals, travel search engines / directories, online hotel consolidators, airline websites with online reservation options, whereas we usually speak about the hotel distribution via online travel agencies. such as … Continued

ALOS (Average Length of Stay)

Average Length of Stay (ALOS) is the average amount of days /nights guests stays at the hotel during a particular period (day, week, month or year). It is used to keep track of property’s performance in attracting and keeping guests in house, Generally, ALOS can vary considerably. A typical corporate hotel in London of 1.5 night … Continued

AMS (Actual Market Share)

Actual Market Share (AMS) is the actual percentage of your hotels number of rooms nights or room revenue captured during a particular timeframe compared to the overall competitive market, divided by the total room nights or revenue sold within the competitive set (inclusive of the subject hotel). sold that a hotel captures during a particular … Continued

ARI (Average Rate Index)

Average Rate Index (ARI) is a hotel KPI that measures the performance of hotel ADR compared to the competitive set during the same period i.e., day, MTD or YTD. The metric used to determine whether the property is achieving its fair market share of ADR compared to the hotel comp set or not, it also shows how your … Continued

ARI (Availability, Rates, and Inventory)

Availability, Rates, and Inventory (ARI) these three items are the essential items communicated via interfaces between two systems. These systems usually include your Property Management System, Central Reservation System, Global Distribution System, and Online Travel Agencies. Traditionally, your Property Management System is the system of record where ARI messages start. These messages move from system … Continued

(ARR) Average Room Rate

Average Room Rate (ARR) is a hotel KPI metric used in the hospitality industry to measure the average room revenue earned or achieved for a sold/occupied room across all room types on a given period (day, month to date, month, year to date). it considers as an alternative term for Average Daily Rate (ADR). Both … Continued

(APR) Average Published Rate

Average Published Rate (APR)  is the rate obtained when a hotel averages all the various room-types they offer (single, double, suite, penthouse, etc.) during different times of the year i.e. low season, high season (different times of the year has different rates), in order to get one average rate for the hotel. When hotels in … Continued

AP (American plan)

American Plan (AP) , means that the room rate quoted by a hotel or resort includes three meals a day, i.e. breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Generally the rates on this plan are higher but offer a good value for your money, and of course added convenience. In the American plan, the meals are provided by … Continued

Available Room Nights

Available Room Nights are the total number of hotel rooms available, multiplied by the number of days in a given time period (often referred to as inventory).