EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization)

Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA) is an indicator of a hotel’s profitability, calculated as revenue minus expenses, excluding tax and interest, means the net earnings or profit made by the hotel, after deducting all the expenses from the total revenue. All the expenses include the salary of the hotel’s employees, operational expenses, … Continued

EDS (Electronic Distribution Systems)

Electronic Distribution Systems (EDS) Also called online distribution). It is a type of distribution that uses purely electronic media. E-distribution is an important component of E-commerce. Encompasses all the electronic channels of distribution, which includes GDS, OTA and Web Booking Engines. These distribution channels can be accessed through the Internet, an intranet or through an interfaced … Continued

EP (European Plan)

European Plan or EP will mostly have the lowest tariff in a rate card, simply because it includes only room rent and no meals. means only the stay is included in the rates and you will have to pay extra for using the dining facilities at the hotel. In general terms, it can be called … Continued

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is the time when a vehicle or person is expected to reach its/their destination. The calculation is based on the planned duration of the route. In logistics, it refers to the transportation of goods and is typically used to inform customers of the time the vehicle carrying their freight will … Continued

Early Arrival

Early Arrival is used to describe a guest arrives to the hotel before the specified date or time of their reservation. An early check-in at a hotel is an arrangement which allows a guest to check in earlier than the normal time.

Early Booking

Early Booking is a room booking which are made a long time in advance before the guest arrive to the hotel where it could be months. Many properties encourage early bookings by offering advantageous rates with offers such as percentage of discount , pay 6 get 7 ….etc and to create advance base occupancy.

Early Bird Discount

Early bird discount can be defined as a limited-time offer by hotels that encourages guests to book in advance and enjoy a % of discount, Early bird pricing is best used ahead of busy times, when guest attempting to book beyond 2-6 months in advance, such a rate usually means guest have to pay fully … Continued


E-commerce also known as Electronic Commerce (or EC) eCommerce refers to the buying and selling of accommodation and related services over the internet. There is a wide range of online business activities such as online marketing, social media management, hotel online bookings, etc. eCommerce sites include hotel websites and booking engines, online travel agencies (OTAs), metasearch engines, … Continued


E-marketing is also known as Internet marketing, web marketing, online marketing or digital marketing. E-marketing is the marketing of hotel products and services through the internet. It makes it easy for businesses to reach a wide range of potential customers due to the large number of people using the internet today. E-marketing can be broken down into eight main categories: Search engine … Continued