GBP (Group Booking Pace)

Group booking pace (GBP) is the speed at which group bookings materialize over a period of time from the group booking date to the arrival date. Booking pace is expressed as a fraction of bookings received on certain days in advance.

GBR (Gross Booked Rate)

Gross Booked Rate (GBR) is the average rate theoretically booked for the total number of room nights reserved through advanced bookings for a specific stay by a particular agent.

GBR (Gross Booked Revenue)

Gross Booking Revenue (GBR) is a financial metric used in the vacation rental and hotel industry to measure the total revenue generated by room or property rentals before any costs or expenses are subtracted, simply it is the amount of revenue theoretically generated from the total number of room nights reserved through advanced bookings. This metric is calculated by considering … Continued

GDS (Global Distribution System)

Comprehensive travel shopping and reservation platforms that pass hotel inventory and rates to travel agents and allow them to make bookings, where the main revenue drivers for hotels are the travel agency consortia using the GDSs mainly for corporate travel bookings. Generally, travel agents use to book airline, car, hotel and other travel arrangements for … Continued

GOP (Gross Operating Profit)

Gross Operating Profit, or GOP, is a hotel KPI that signals the property’s profits after subtracting operating expenses. It is a useful indicator of the profitability of a hotel’s operations and should be calculated regularly for comparisons to the previous year’s to evaluate year-to-year operational performance. GOP is used to calculate a hotel’s profits before … Continued

GOPPAR (Gross Operating Profit per Available Room)

Gross Operating Profit per Available Room (GOPPAR) is a hotel KPI that helps hotels adjust revenue against the costs incurred in generating that revenue. It is used in hotel revenue management to maximize a property’s profitability for available rooms during a given time period by factoring operational costs into its forecasting. Some examples of operation … Continued

GPR (Gross Profit Ratio)

Gross profit ratio is a profitability ratio used for comparing a hotel’s gross profits and its net sales revenue. In general, a higher ratio signals better profitability. The Gross Profit Ratio can be compared to last year’s ratio to determine hotel performance year-to-year. It is useful metric to help revenue managers understand how it can … Continued


Galileo GDS is a global distribution system based in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. It is owned by Travelport, forming one part of their collective offering, including the Apollo and Worldspan systems. Galileo can book hotel rooms, airline tickets, train tickets, cruises, and car rentals. GDS serving users in Canada, Europe, South America, Asia, and … Continued