NGS (Next Generation Seamless)

Next Generation Seamless (NGS) is a hotel reservation systems technology or an interface or connection that integrates data sharing across the web between the hotel CRS and/or PMS information directly into the four major GDS channels, Meaning the user (travel agent) can recall hotel data (rates and availability) in real time which is identical to the hotel’s own … Continued

NLRA (Non-Last Room Availability)

Non-last room availability (NLRA) is an agreement between a hotel and a client whereby the negotiated rate is only made available to travellers at the discretion of the hotel. Even if rooms are available in the category for which a negotiated rate has been agreed, the hotel can choose not to honour that rate for … Continued

NRevPAR (Net Revenue Per Available Room)

Net Revenue Per Available Room (NRevPAR) is a comparison metric similar to RevPAR, but whereas RevPAR looks only at a property’s room revenue, NRevPAR takes into account all net revenues for a hotel or property. Looking at net revenue, moreover, means that NRevPAR also takes costs into account, such as travel agency commissions, transaction fees, … Continued

Negotiated Rate

Negotiated rate is a commercial rate that has been offered to a corporate company, travel agency or a consortium of travel agencies to be used for any of heir clients in return for volume business.  These are sometimes called Preferred Rates which is suitable for large-budget corporates who value rate certainty. Negotiated rate are typically … Continued

Net Non-Commissionable

Net Non-Commissionable is a special rate that have no commissions attached to them offered by hotels to travel agents or wholesaler, that does not allow a commission to be paid to them.

Net Profit Ratio

Net Profit Ratio is a profitability ratio used by hotels to understand profitability after certain costs. It is a KPI that removes taxes to provide a more accurate picture of the relationship between net profits and net sales. A higher net profit ratio signals a more efficient hotel management. A lower ratio means that hotels … Continued

Net Rate

Net Rate is the price or the sell rate of a room or function space minus / not including the travel agent commission, for a booking facilitated by a distribution partner, such as an OTA or travel agent. transaction costs or before being marked up by third party. Revenue management team, can calculate a Net Rate when subtracting … Continued

No Show

No Show is a case where some customers with a reservation at a restaurant, hotel, etc. who fails to show up to use the room(s) reserved for them at the time of check-in without explicit cancellation and no explanatory contact or having warned or modified his reservation. No show is usually determined somewhere between midnight … Continued