Qualified Rate

Qualified Rate is a rate the guest must qualify for and requires the customer to be associated with a particular organization or to have a specific affiliation in order to book, also Identification is required upon check-in to apply the rate. The qualified rate might apply for customers such as a corporate rate for the … Continued


Quarter is a three-month period and always refers to the same months every year. The first calendar quarter is January through March. The second is April through June, the third is July through September, and the fourth is October through December. Fiscal quarters can be either 13 or 14 weeks long and their start and … Continued

Quad Room

Quad or quadruple room means that comfortably and/or legally up to 4 guests can be accommodated in that room. Depending on your needs if it is suitable. The quad room may be configured with different bed sizes to ensure four hotel guests can be accommodated comfortably. Common configurations of hotel quad rooms might include, two single beds and a double … Continued

Queen Room

Queen Room is a room with queen-size bed; may be occupied by one or more people, (Size: 153 x 203 cm).

Queen Bed

Queen bed is a bed usually measures approximately 60 inches wide by 80 inches long—5 feet by 8 and 2/3 feet. (150×200 cm), where there are three type of queen bed Standard queen-sized bed, Olympic or expanded-size queen bed, and The California queen bed.  A quad room is set up for four people to stay … Continued

Quick C/I or C/O

A computerized system usually located in the hotel lobby, which allows the guest with credit cards to check-in while keeping-off the Front Desk.