RC (Registration Card (Reg. Card)

Registration Card (RC) is a form provide by the front office team to the arriving guests to record their information for official purposes such as names, addresses, contact number, purpose of stay at the hotel (usually business or pleasure), and passport and visa details in case of foreign guest and other details including mode of … Continued

RevPAM (Revenue per Available Square Meters)

Revenue per available Square Meters (RevPAM)  is a hotel KPI that measures a hotel’s ability to generate revenue from its banquet and conference spaces, meaning it is the average amount of revenue a hotel generates per available square meter when it rents rooms for a banquet or conference or revenue received by restaurant or function … Continued

RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room)

Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR) is the revenue generated per available room, whether or not they are occupied. RevPAR helps hotels measure their revenue generating performance to accurately price rooms. Since it’s such a widely used metric, RevPAR can help hotels measure themselves against other properties or brands. RevPAR is used to assess a hotel’s … Continued

RevPOR (Revenue per Occupied Room)

Revenue per occupied room (RevPOR) is a performance metric that measures the amount of total revenue generated by a hotel for a given period for every room occupied to determine how much profit a hotel earns when a customer enters the hotel. RevPOR takes into account optional services and items guests can purchase at the … Continued

RevPASH (Revenue per Available Seats and Hour)

Revenue Per Available Seat Hour (RevPASH) is a KPI used by food and beverage outlets in a hotel to measures the income/benefit of each seat available per hour. With RevPASH, hotels can determine which seat to assign to each guest during a specific time period that benefits the restaurant best to allows hotels to better … Continued

RevPOS (Revenue per Occupied Space)

Revenue per occupied space (RevPOS) is a performance metric that measures the amount of total revenue generated by a hotel for a given period for every space occupied to determine how much profit a hotel earns when a customer use any of the hotel spaces i.e., meeting room, banquet and outlets. RevPOS takes into account … Continued

RevPATH (Revenue Per Available Treatment Hour)

Revenue Per Available Treatment Hour (RevPATH) is used to measure profitability of spa operations in a hotel or resort property. It measures revenue generated by treatments and accounts for the number of rooms available during normal hours of operation. It helps the spa operation to manage time effectively. RevPATH works similar to how RevPAR measures … Continued

RGI (Revenue Generated Index)

A Revenue Generation Index (RGI) (an alternative definition for RGI in hotels is “RevPar Index”) is used to determine whether or not a hotel is earning its fair share of revenue in its market, it is useful metric for comparing hotel revenue to the average RevPAR of the competition. Because it uses RevPAR as its … Continued

(RM) Revenue Management

Revenue management involves the use of analytics and performance data to help those in the hotel industry predict their customers’ behavior. The data is then utilized to make appropriate decisions in regards to pricing and distribution strategies. The ultimate goal of revenue management is to have the right room for the right person at the … Continued

RMS (Revenue Management System)

A revenue management system (RMS) is a software product that assists with, tracks and sometimes even automates many of the revenue management aspects such as KPI tracking, Competitor pricing, Restriction management, Revenue estimates, and Pricing recommendations in order to achieve maximum revenue or profit by managing availability, room types, stay patterns (future and historical), etc. … Continued