TACS (Travel Agent Commission Services)

Travel Agent Commission Services or settlement (TACS) is a service in which commissions are centralized and paid to the appropriate individual travel agents.  Each hotel is sent a monthly itemized bill for the total dollar amount that was paid on behalf of that specific hotel.  The program may also service agent payments. Travel agency commission … Continued

TMC (Travel Management Company)

Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and Consortia are large groups of Travel Agencies often driven by multinational companies that have joined together to form a Consortia such as American Express, Carlson Wagonlit, BCD Travel or HRG. Originally started to assist smaller Travel Agencies, Consortia have grown to become major players in the travel industry. By joining … Continued

TrevPAR (Total Revenue per Available Room)

Total Revenue per Available Room (TrevPAR) is a hotel KPI used as a benchmarking tool for all-inclusive hotels and resorts in most cases that gives a more holistic view of the total revenue generated from all departments and how effectively a hotel is using its space to generate revenue. It differs from RevPAR by accounting for more … Continued

TrevPEC (Total Revenue per Client)

Total Revenue Per Client (TrevPEC) is a hotel KPI that can be used to evaluate how much revenue is generated from each visiting customer/ guest to the hotel. It breaks down double and triple room occupancy, family and group bookings to provide more information on revenue per customer for those bookings, hence and since it … Continued

TrevPOR (Total Revenue Per Occupied Room)

Total Revenue per occupied room (TRevPOR) is a performance metric that measures the amount of total revenue generated by a hotel for a given period for every room occupied to determine how much profit a hotel earns when a customer enters the hotel. TRevPOR takes into account optional services and items guests can purchase at … Continued


Taxes is charged in all over the hotels around the world, to travellers when they rent accommodations in a hotel, all guestroom suite rates and all F&B services are subject to taxes . The price hotel provides to the guest at any of the distribution channels including the hotel website must include the base room rate … Continued

Three Star Hotel

Three Star Hotel is a middle-class hotel and moderately priced offers a balance between affordability and amenities. They are generally the mid-tier option of upscale hotel chains, focusing on style along with comfort. Think Hampton Inn, Hyatt Place, and Courtyard by Marriott Lancaster. Three-star hotels may not be super luxurious but a guest can expect … Continued

Timeshare (Vacation Ownership)

A timeshare, also known as a vacation ownership, is a resort property that specializes in providing accommodations to owners who have purchased the right to stay in the resort during a set period of time, this ownership is usually in weekly increments. Timeshare resorts are often located in areas that are traditionally considered popular vacation … Continued

Total Revenue Performance

Total Revenue Performance, also known as gross revenue, is the amount of money your hotel business generates from selling hotel products or services during a fixed period, it is a process used to analyze and improve sales and marketing efforts using revenue as a focal point to provides valuable insights into hotel selling strategy, pricing, … Continued

Tour Operator

Tour operator is an organization or individual who actively manages and escorts tours and tour packages to FIT and group visitors. Develops, markets and operates group travel programs that provide a complete travel experience for one price and includes transportation (airline, rail, motorcoach, and/or ship), accommodations, sightseeing, selected meals and an escort. Tour operators market … Continued