VCC (Virtual Credit Card)

Virtual credit cards are temporary digital cards that are available online as one time use and don’t have a physical form with validity date and randomly generated 16-digit number associated with the credit card of your guests. CVV is used by travel agent and OTA’s such as, Expedia, and Agoda already use VCC’s, to … Continued

VIP (Very Important Person)

A VIP guest is a very important person, who gets special privileges, treatment and received personalized service. Generally, it is consisting of the guests who have a prolonged history with the hotel, through a loyalty program and also those guests who give the hotel outstanding financial profit, this type of guest has a high social … Continued


Vacancy is the number of unoccupied rooms that are available for booking. Hotels typically have a set number of rooms, and when there are no guests occupying those rooms, they are considered to be vacant and are available for sale. In most case scenario hotels often strive for a certain level of vacancy in order … Continued