&Beyond Phinda Forest Lodge, South Africa

13th Dec 2023

About &Beyond

Conservation-focused luxury travel company &Beyond has reopened one of its most iconic lodges, Phinda Forest Lodge, situated in &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, after an extensive and exciting rebuild.

The property, which was praised as one of the first true eco-lodges when it was originally built, has now been transformed to fit the modern luxury safari experience. However, it still maintains elements of its original ‘Zulu-zen’ décor with a new elegant and minimalist interior design.

The Iconic &BEYOND Phinda Private Game Reserve

The iconic &BEYOND Phinda Private Game Reserve covers an impressive 29 866 hectares (73 800 acres) of protected wildlife land in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It offers one of the best game viewing experiences on the continent, with sightings of Africa’s Big Five and over 436 bird species.

The Enchanting Sand Forest Habitat

Within the reserve lies the sand forest, a unique and captivating ecosystem. This habitat is characterized by its sandy soil and tall trees that form a dense canopy overhead. The sand forest is home to many rare plant species and a variety of fascinating creatures.

Phinda Forest Lodge: A Harmony with Nature

Located within this rare sand forest is Phinda Forest Lodge, one of the world’s first eco-friendly lodges. It has been carefully designed to blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, creating a sense of harmony between the lodge and the forest.

Features of Phinda Forest Lodge

  • 16 air-conditioned suites offering absolute tranquility
  • Floor-to-ceiling glass walls bringing the forest inside
  • Dense tree canopy providing privacy
  • Suites elevated on stilts above the forest floor
  • Private verandas with stunning forest views
  • A new family suite for intimate and comfortable safari experiences

Sustainable Design Partnership

Interior designers Fox Browne Creative, who have previously worked on the refurbishments of the other five lodges on the reserve, partnered with architectural designer Jack Alexander to reimagine and bring to life the new property. The design aims to provide returning guests with the comfort and familiarity they love while also introducing exciting improvements in room layout and functionality.

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Phinda Forest Lodge has always provided guests with an exclusive, private experience immersed in the sand forest, and this has now been further enhanced through the redirection and reduction of pathways to and from the rooms. In order to assist with the rehabilitation of the old pathways, &Beyond established a nursery which cultivates sand forest tree species that have been planted along the trails.

Phinda is also uniquely positioned to offer other extraordinary adventure activities like diving or ocean safaris at nearby Sodwana Bay. Depending on the season, guests may also be able to enjoy expeditions to admire turtles nesting along the Indian Ocean coastline.

With such a wealth and diversity of unique offerings, combined with the newly refurbished and reopened Phinda Forest Lodge, &Beyond is excited to continue bringing their guests experiences that go beyond the expectation of average luxury to leave the world a better place.

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