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Yield Management: Strategies for the Service Industries

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 Yield Management

About the Book

This ground-breaking textbook covers all aspects of the subject and draws on a wide range of applications in the service industries. Three sections comprise this book: the first presents underpinning knowledge associated with Yield Management; the second examines contemporary models of Yield Management across a number of service sectors; and the third reviews how Yield Management acts as a decision support system for front-line staff and managers, and also highlights the growing importance of new technologies. The book concludes with a range of case studies taken from airlines, hotels, restaurants, cruise lines and leisure industries.
This student text begins by addressing the underpinning theory of yield management. It explains why the concept has been developed to manage capacity in the hospitality and tourism industries, and it details the underlying economic history behind yield management. Discussions of how yield management can be applied to various service industries, including the airline industry (from where the concept originated), the hotel industry, visitor attractions and conference facilities are also included.
Fourteen articles intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students in hospitality and tourism offer a theory of the process of yield management and discuss consumer perceptions of the process. Other topics include managers’ decisions about price and volume; the use of expert systems to manage increasingly complex information; and the application of yield management in the airlines, public and voluntary tourism, hotel management, and the conference and exhibition industry.

Table of Contents

  Editors and Contributors  
1 A Strategic Approach to Yield Management 3
2 Economic Theory of Pricing for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry 15
3 Legal Aspects 32
4 Quantitative Aspects of Yield Management 45
5 Perspectives on Pricing Decision in the Inclusive Holiday Industry 69
6 Defining Yield Management and Measuring Its Impact on Hotel Performance 85
7 MERLIN: Model to Evaluate Revenue and Loadings for Intercity 98
8 Decision-Making 111
9 Productivity and Yield Management 131
10 Computerized Yield Management Systems: Lessons from the Airline Industry 140
11 Revenue Management over the Internet: A Study of the Irish Hotel Industry 149
12 The Use of Marketing Information Systems and Yield Management in the Hospitality Industry 162
13 Yield Management and the Airline Industry 179
14 Yield Management in Budget Airlines 198
15 Revenue Management in Scottish Visitor Attractions 211
16 Yield Management Practices 233
17 Application of Yield Management to the Hotel Industry 256
18 Yield Management and the Restaurant Industry 271
19 Capacity Management in the Cruise Industry 289
20 Capacity Management in the Football Industry 303
21 Conference Sector Capacity Management 315
  Endnote 339
  Index 343
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