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About Matt Bitzer

CEO & Co-founder of Blue Magnet Interactive

Matt is the co-founder and benevolent overlord of the Blue Magnet Interaction . From his humble origins as marketing manager for a small hotel online marketing agency to his rise to power at the head of ecommerce for tow flagship Hilton properties in the Washington DC area.

 Matt’s entire career resides at the nexus of hospitality and ecommerce. As Managing Partner of Blue Magnet, Matt is responsible for internal operations, training, marketing and business development.

For Matt, Blue Magnet is more than just another marketing agency. It’s a passion–a labor of love built from the ground up. It’s evident in the way his eyes glisten at the mere mention of web analytics, or the way his heart flutters every time Google announces a new product. You hear the excitement in his voice as he trains his team on new online strategies, and you can see the pride beaming from his smile upon every successful new website launch. For Matt, it’s easy to get up and go to work every day because he loves what he does, enjoys the clients he serves and believes in the people who are part of his talented team.

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