Pricing Can Keep You Up at Night, If You Price Your Hotel Too Low or Too High, In Both Cases You Leave Money on The Table

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04 Dec 2015 Pricing

Avoiding Price Wars: Exploring Discounting and Strategies that Determine Your Rates

Price is the amount your customers pay for your product. Pricing is more than a number we calculate: it is…

20 Nov 2015 Pricing

What Hoteliers Need to Concern upon Discounting Strategies?

Whenever a recession looms on the horizon, caused by either wars, security issues , terror attacks, a pandemic such as…

16 Mar 2010 Pricing

Integrity Price During the Economic Downturn

Tough times require creative solutions not just business as usual!  Not only are hotels being buffeted by the economy but…

11 Jun 2009 Pricing

In Recession Time, Can We Close A Good Deal?

In more than 18-year “adult” career, I have often enjoyed the opportunity to speak with younger people about careers, finding…

11 Nov 2008 Forecasting

The Impact of Flexible Pricing on Forecast Accuracy

Flexible pricing, flat rate, dynamic pricing ,and floating rates, all Revenue Management (RM) must begin with a scientific approach to…

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