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About Serge Chamelian

Managing Partner and Co-Founder at h-hotelier

Serge Chamelian is the managing director of h-hotelier, a hospitality services firm that offers a holistic approach to business intelligence solutions, revenue management consultancy and training and development programs among many others.

Serge Chamelian started his Hospitality Management specialization in Switzerland. After holding several managerial roles in the Swiss Hospitality Industry, Serge acquired his MBA degree from IMHI (ESSEC-Cornell), France.

In 2004, Serge joined Optims-France, the Leading Revenue Management and Distribution Company, where he was in charge of the Consulting department, responsible for evaluating and assessing Revenue Management (RM) and Pricing needs for large corporate clients, and for the training and education in RM for the tourism sectors such as hotels, ferries, and rails.

Serge is highly accomplished professional with 20+ years of international experience driving optimal business growth and profitability across the hospitality and tourism sector through technology inclusion and top-notch strategies.
Direct experience within tourism private sector from development and management standpoint. Strong ability to lead multi-skilled teams to collaborate cross-functionally for the benefit of the clients, ensuring effective use of revenue management and distribution practices through client/business consultations while integrating various software and tools into daily activities to support operations. Skilled in providing strategic distribution and pricing tactics to boost revenue growth by predicting consumer behaviour and optimizing product availability.

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