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31 Jan 2022 Hospitality

What Hospitality Statistics Mean to Your Hotel Business?

The hotel industry is subdivision of the hospitality industry that specializes in providing customers with lodging services. There are a…

27 Sep 2016 Hospitality

Elevating Loyalty Benefits After Marriott-Starwood Integration

Hotels are getting more people to join their loyalty programs than ever before. Now they just need to raise their…

15 Apr 2015 Hospitality

Customer Experience Strategy for Hotels and How it can Generate More Revenues

Customer experience as a concept is not alien to the hotel industry. Some might even suggest the hotel industry invented…

25 Mar 2015 Hospitality

When is the Right Time to Re-think Your Hotel’s Business Model?

Nowadays many hoteliers are stuck in a commodity mindset, as they find it very difficult to come up with new…

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