Hospitality Industry Definition | Introduction to Hospitality Industry

26th Feb 2021

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The hospitality industry and the travel industry are closely connected, but there are also some subtle differences to be aware of.

  • The travel or tourism industry is concerned with services for people who have traveled away from their usual place of residence, for a relatively short period of time.
  • On the other hand, the hospitality industry is so diverse that those who are seeking hospitality careers have a substantial number of different job roles to choose from.

The hospitality industry is part of a larger enterprise known as the travel and tourism industry. The travel and tourism industry is a vast group of businesses with one goal in common: providing necessary or desired products and services to travelers.

Hospitality can be defined as:

A deliberate, planned, and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and the public. It involves making and keeping friends, and promoting an atmosphere of better understanding.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, hospitality means:

Reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers with liberality and goodwill.

The word “hospitality” is derived from the Latin word “Hospitalitias”.

Parts of the Travel and Tourism Industry

The travel and tourism industry can be divided into five main parts:

  1. Accommodation
  2. Food and Beverage Services
  3. Recreation and Entertainment
  4. Transportation
  5. Travel Services

Here are some examples of sub-components within each part:

  • Accommodation:
    • Hotels
    • Resorts
    • Motels
    • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Food and Beverage Services:
    • Restaurants
    • Cafes
    • Bars
    • Catering Services
  • Recreation and Entertainment:
    • Theme Parks
    • Museums
    • Sports Facilities
    • Casinos
  • Transportation:
    • Airlines
    • Cruise Lines
    • Car Rental Companies
    • Train Services
  • Travel Services:
    • Travel Agencies
    • Tour Operators
    • Online Booking Platforms

The hospitality industry consists of lodging and food and beverage operations – plus institutional food and beverage services which do not cater to the traveling public. Lodging operations stand apart from other travel and tourism businesses since they offer overnight accommodations to their guests. Many lodging properties provide food and beverage service, recreational activities, and more.

Whether you want to work in food and drinks service, a front office position, cleaning, and maintenance, or in a managerial role, it is vital to understand the different options available.

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