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About Caroline Cooper

Caroline Cooper is a business coach with over 25 years’ experience in business and leadership development, and founder of Zeal Coaching, specializing in working with hospitality businesses, and is author of the ‘Hotel Success Handbook’. This month she is hosting a free tele seminar on ‘How to give your hotel a competitive edge by avoiding the 7 mistakes hoteliers make in getting more business.
Caroline Cooper is  a professional business coach and trainer, specializing in one to one coaching, mentoring and training, her key focus is in helping  owners of independent hotels, conference centers, and restaurants make the  businesses more successful and more profitable through increasing sales, controlling costs and improving productivity, to help improve the  bottom line.
Caroline is a published author of the Hotel Success Handbook, which provides practical sales and marketing tips for owners of small independent hotels, B&Bs and guest accommodation .
Caroline is also Specialties: Training staff in delivering fantastic customer service whilst increasing profit margins Making training fun and engaging to get buy in Spotting lost sales opportunities to bring in more revenue from existing customers and Establishing ways to build the customer relationship to lead to repeat business

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