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01 Oct 2019 Performance

Profit Management vs Revenue Management, what Hoteliers Need to Measure?

Your property's bottom line is defined and measured for success if you as the property revenue manager implement a good…

01 Oct 2016 Performance

Revenue Management: The Most Overlooked hotel Revenue streams Measures.

Although the ultimate goal of each hotel is to generate more revenue, achieve high guest satisfactions, and high rank vs.…

25 Mar 2015 Performance

Can Revenue Management Resolve Conflict between GOP PAR and REV PAR ?

Far in the past for the hotel industry analysis, there were two simple classic indicators used to measure the hotel…

23 Dec 2014 Performance

How Profit and Loss Affect the Revenue Management Displacement Calculation and Analysis

Last week we went through how revenue management can use the displacement calculation with many examples where in most of…

11 Dec 2014 Performance

Revenue Management between Displacement Calculation and Analysis

It's usually a safe bet to assume that any hotel would like to increase its revenue and acquire more profits.…

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