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How Can Revenue Managers Improve The Quality Of Their Decisions?

Revenue Manager On Feb 23, 2021  By  0

This article discusses how revenue managers can make better decisions by overcoming common traps and biases. It’s hard to underestimate the importance of effective, timely, Read More


How we Increased Mobile Conversion 33% in a Pandemic Year

Reservation On Feb 23, 2021  By  0

This article explores the rise of mobile bookings in 2020, and how an A/B test on our mobile booking engine resulted in 33% increased conversion Read More

RYH- Hotel PMS

The Property Management System (PMS) of the future is already here

Tech On Feb 20, 2021  By  0

Today’s Property Management System (PMS) is the hotel ‘s command center for rooms and F&B management, sales and catering, distribution, availability, pricing, reservations, guest interactions, Read More


Top 7 Menu Engineering Techniques to boost your F&B Revenue & Profit

Resturant On Jan 16, 2021  By  0

It’s really incredible how smart strategies could boost your Food and Beverage revenue. People tend to overthink some of those strategies and eventually end up Read More

Klaus Kohlmayr

Why it’s still the Roaring ‘20s for hotel revenue management

Revenue Management On Jan 11, 2021  By  0

Remember all the big aspirations we had heading into 2020? I myself made some pretty bold claims about this new decade being the “golden age Read More

Revenue Your Hotel - Hotel revenue management system

How To Choose An RMS That Is Right For You?

RM System On Jan 1, 2021  By  0

2020 has shown all businesses how important it is to not just recognize changes in the environment but to be able to quickly and efficiently Read More

Measure of Hotel Performance

What Is GOPPAR and Why Does It Matter?

Revenue Management On Dec 28, 2020  By  0

The hotel industry has long been obsessed with revenue. But if you care about a hotel’s operational health, relying on revenue alone only tells one Read More

Destroy Hotel Profits

The 7 Principles Of Food And Beverage Yield Management To Reach Profitability

Resturant On Dec 16, 2020  By  0

It is very common that hoteliers and food & beverage professionals tend to generate revenue eventually. However, there is an underlying procedure to generate profit Read More


What is Revenue Management? A 2021 Guide for the Hotel Industry

Revenue Management On Dec 7, 2020  By  0

In this guide to all things revenue management, we’ll cover everything from the history of revenue management to the best revenue management software, career and Read More

10 revenue management tips

Top Ten Trends in Hospitality 2021

Hospitality On Dec 5, 2020  By  0

Today’s hotel business models look entirely different from their predecessors. COVID-19 is just one earthquake that has jolted the landscape this year. The hotel industry Read More