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The Expanded Role That Emphasizes Total Hotel Revenue Leadership and Profitability That Consolidates Insights from Across Multiple Systems

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03 Nov 2023 Revenue Manager

The Modern Revenue Manager: 7 Keys to Success

NB: This is an article written By: Katie Moro - Vice President, Data Partnerships, Hospitality, Amadeus The role of the…

25 Dec 2022 Revenue Manager

What are the tasks of a revenue manager in a hotel?

NB: This is an article written By: Eva Lacalle The revenue manager of a hotel is a very important role since they…

12 Nov 2022 Revenue Manager

17 Must-Read Best Hotel Revenue Management Books for Revenue Manager

Navigating the intricate world of hotel revenue management can be daunting, but trust me—it's a journey worth embarking on. Over the years,…

12 Oct 2021 Revenue Manager

18 Must-Read Hotel Management Books for Revenue Managers

In my years immersed in the hotel business, I've turned the pages of numerous books seeking to refine my expertise…

10 Feb 2021 Revenue Manager

How Can Revenue Managers Improve The Quality Of Their Decisions?

It's hard to underestimate the importance of effective, timely, and correct decisions. The revenue manager plays a crucial role in…

10 May 2019 Revenue Manager

Five Common Mistakes that Revenue Managers Make

In short, Revenue Management is about taking control of supply and demand and in this way increasing the company's profitability.…

26 Nov 2018 Revenue Manager

What Generation is Your Revenue Manager?

Webster's Dictionary defines 'generation' in various ways. One definition is…"all of the people born and living at about the same…

10 Nov 2017 Revenue Manager

5 ways to be a Better Revenue Manager

Revenue management is an art, and like all art it’s a constantly evolving process that can never be mastered. In…

21 Mar 2017 Revenue Manager

Essential Daily Tasks of a Revenue Manager

In order to be effective as a revenue manager, you need to be multi-tasking. It might seem overwhelming in the…

10 May 2016 Revenue Manager

A Day in the Life of Two Revenue Managers

Recent discussions have been swirling around the revenue management industry and its swift evolution over the past few years, moving…

27 Jun 2015 Revenue Manager

Profile of the New Revenue Manager

Revenue management is taking on a more strategic role in the hospitality industry, with growing responsibilities and new opportunities to…

07 Apr 2015 Revenue Manager

Understanding the Role of the Hotel Revenue Manager

Revenue management has developed from yield management and market analysis, where it is not secret or a passing fad, but…

06 Jan 2015 Revenue Manager

How Data and Technology Will Impact Hotel Revenue Manager Job

It’s a great time to be in revenue management! Demand is up, rates are raising, and the revenue management discipline…

09 Aug 2014 Revenue Manager

Why Revenue Managers Should Be Paid the Most?

It is hard to argue with the notion that Revenue Management is now the most “mission critical” function in the hotel…

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