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Let’s Put Some Sense in Room Rates

Pricing On Mar 8, 2010  By  0

There always seems to be some confusion about all the different rates offered at a hotel. Recently I distributed a memo to some of our Read More


First Step In Maximizing Reservations Sales: Believe It’s Possibl

Reservation On Mar 8, 2010  By  0

As a hospitality industry sales/strainer, it’s extremely interesting to observe reactions of managers and decision makers to solicitations and proposals for reservations training services.  Interestingly, Read More

Linked in and Hotels 4

So You're a Hotelier on LinkedIn part 4

Linkedin On Feb 26, 2010  By  0

More about LinkedIn Applications and a number of other useful LI things to do: Apart from the five LinkedIn application discussed in my previous post, Read More

Linked in and Hotels 3

So You're a Hotelier on LinkedIn part 3

Linkedin On Feb 22, 2010  By  0

By now, you should have mastered the basics of using LinkedIn and may be starting to wonder what else you can do or how LinkedIn Read More

So You are  a Hotelier on LinkedIn part 2

So You're a Hotelier on LinkedIn part 2

Linkedin On Feb 19, 2010  By  0

Fine-tuning your account settings: The “Account & Settings” screen, which is accessible from the top right-hand corner of your LinkedIn homepage, provides a wealth of Read More


5 Ways Digital Signage Can Increase Restaurant Revenue

Resturant On Feb 18, 2010  By  0

In a 2006 study by McKinsey & Co., they forecasted that traditional TV advertising would be only one-third as effective in 2010 as it had Read More

So You're a Hotelier on LinkedIn part 1

So You're a Hotelier on LinkedIn part 1

Linkedin On Feb 12, 2010  By  0

I have been using LinkedIn for a year and a half now and find the site’s usefulness increases steadily. I actually signed up to LinkedIn Read More


Ways To Increase Restaurant Sales In a Down Economy

Resturant On Jan 30, 2010  By  0

This is an interview made by  team with Jose Riesco   I spend lots of money in restaurant marketing. However, I don’t see good results. Why Read More


Revenue Management: Dynamic Pricing

Pricing On Jan 23, 2010  By  0

Dynamic pricing means that a hotel will change its room rates daily or even within a day if up-to-the-minute market information reveals the need for Read More

You Forget Your Forecasting Tools

Revenue Manager, You Forget Your Forecasting Tools

Blog On Nov 25, 2009  By  0

   Forecasting is the process of estimation in unknown situations. All successful revenue management strategies  are based on the ability to forecast demand accurately and Read More