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Evaluating Hotel Management Software

Evaluating Hotel Management Software ROI and TCO Perspective

Tech On Oct 30, 2009  By  0

The growth in the Indian economy and the hotel industry has resulted in a clutter of new Hotel Management software companies vying to increase their Read More

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11 Useful Twitter Tools for Hotels (Plus: Hotel Twitter Buttons)

Twitter On Oct 27, 2009  By  0

More and more hotels are seeing Twitter provide actual sales, and as we move from “ain’t it cool” to power users, it’s time we had Read More

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Twitter: What Hospitality Execs Need to Know

Twitter On Oct 6, 2009  By  0

There’s no doubt that Twitter is changing the landscape of business as more and more people turn to this micro-blogging site to share their 140-character Read More


Facebook Marketing Tips For Hotels

Facebook On Sep 27, 2009  By  0

  Social media has become the hottest method of marketing in today’s world. Millions of people are using Facebook every day – that’s a market Read More


To Discount or Not to Discount

Pricing On Sep 26, 2009  By  0

Whenever a recession looms on the horizon, caused by either wars, terror attacks, a pandemic such as SARS or the present day H1N1 virus, political Read More

In Recession Time  Can We Close A Good Deal

In Recession Time, Can We Close A Good Deal?

Back To Basics, Blog On Jun 11, 2009  By  0

In more than 18-year “adult” career, I have often enjoyed the opportunity to speak with younger people about careers, finding sometimes, especially in the slow Read More

Rate Integrity

Rate Integrity shouldn’t be the first thing to go (nor should your Rev Manager)

Pricing On May 19, 2009  By  0

Seriously…. where are our revenue managers? I know, in these times, you cannot maintain total rate integrity without looking like an out of touch management Read More

Facebook for hotels 8

Facebook for Hotels – What are we trying to achieve? So far… seems to be nothing.

Facebook On May 15, 2009  By  0

  Okay so I am really frustrated.  Well… that’s dramatic.  I am more confused, and too busy to gesticulate in the air and ask this Read More

where your customer is

Do you know where your customer is? Or Knowing where your business originates

Hospitality On May 4, 2009  By  0

Gandhi is best known as a spiritual leader and activist that gained a following because his ideas on peace and his peaceful civil disobedience inspired Read More


Are You Still Discounting? You Might Gain Some Occupancy, But Lose RevPar to Your Competition

Pricing On Mar 27, 2009  By  0

Several months ago, a study presented by Cornell University and Smith Travel research, re-affirmed what many of us already believed to be true; Discounting to Read More