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5 best practices in hospitality customer service

5 Customer Concerns Revenue Managers Need to Address

Revenue Manager On Nov 12, 2016  By  0

In the first part of our series, we looked at 6 ways revenue managers can use data to make their hotel smarter. However, a revenue manager’s Read More


Revenue Management- Hotel Full But Empty Pockets

Back To Basics On Nov 10, 2016  By  0

Revenue management is a core element in working to build direct website bookings, setting out the right goals to achieve this, being committed to implementing Read More

Revenue Management Big Data

How Should Revenue Managers Use Data? [Infographic]

Revenue Manager On Nov 8, 2016  By  0

How should revenue managers use data? What common pitfalls do they fall into? What are the contemporary “best practice” revenue management techniques and intelligence you Read More

Hotel Sales vs Hotel Revenue

Train Your Hotel Sales Team To Tell Stories Not Just Quote Rates

Hospitality On Nov 8, 2016  By  0

As marketing professionals across all industries know, the concept of storytelling is an integral component for success in today’s environment. You can see this approach Read More

Revenue Manager 10

10 Key Trends for Modern Revenue Management.

Revenue Management On Nov 3, 2016  By  0

The past few years have given birth to a wide variety of revenue management ‘best practices’ and tools, what’s the equation for success? Two of Read More

Use Data To Increase Revenue

6 Ways Revenue Managers Use Data to Make Their Hotel Smarter

Revenue Manager On Oct 28, 2016  By  0

What should revenue management decisions be based on? Revenue management decisions, at their core, must be based on data. It’s all too easy for your Read More

How to convert calls, lower distribution costs

Hotel Distribution Cost: The Only Cost Driver That Can Save Your Property’s Bottom Line in 2017

Revenue Management On Oct 27, 2016  By  0

At the recent Lodging Conference in Phoenix, AZ both STR and CBRE projected a rather bleak picture of where the industry is heading in 2017: Read More

Beyond the Hotel true Competitive set, how many Corrective Competitive Set your hotel has

Beyond the Hotel true Competitive set, how many Corrective Competitive Set your hotel has?

Back To Basics, Blog On Oct 27, 2016  By  0

A competitive set might be the most important tool hotel operators have at their disposal, that shows where your hotel stand against your competition on Read More

Revenue strategies

Revenue Strategies for Boutique Hotels

Back To Basics On Oct 12, 2016  By  0

The market is poised for boutique hotels to make an impact on the hotel industry like they never have before. With an expected soft landing Read More

hotel website’s conversion rate

5 simple steps to boost your hotel website’s conversion rate

SEO On Oct 12, 2016  By  0

Do you find your website generating a large volume of traffic but not yielding enough conversions? This is one of the greatest challenges many hoteliers Read More