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20 Dec 2023 Budgeting

2024 Budgeting: Improve Hotel Performance in Uncertain Times

NB: This is an article written By : Tanya Venegas In our previous article, we shared insights and advice from…

16 Feb 2023 Budgeting

How to Prepare Your Hotel Budget in 8 Steps

Whether you're a general manager, sales manager, marketer or revenue manager - everyone has felt the pains of budgeting season.…

22 Jan 2023 Budgeting

Hotel Budget: Winning Tips and Best Practices for 2024

NB: This is an article written By : Rebeca Bichachi The budget planning period is a critical time for all…

27 Oct 2014 Budgeting

Revenue Managers and Big Impacts in Budgeting Considerations

There were times when the hotel accountant would lock his/herself in a back room and not come out until the…

10 Sep 2013 Budgeting

Budget for Hotels – Needed or Already Outdated?

Some hotels call their ‘classic’ budgets business plan or marketing plan or other synonyms, but regardless the name, they all…

20 Jan 2010 Budgeting

10 New Budgeting Steps For 2010

NB: This is an article written By : Alphy L. Johnson The budget presentation season is upon us and the…

31 Oct 2009 Budgeting

Revenue Managers, You and Your Upcoming Budget

Good budgeting is the foundation for great rate management. Integrating of many factors i.e. positioning your hotel, market segmentation, rate…

31 Aug 2006 Budgeting

Zero-Based Budgeting in the Hospitality Industry

NB: This is an article written By :Jose Acosta - principal at priZem inc. As we enter the 2007 budget…

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