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Gone Are the Days of Spreadsheet Based Pricing, Or Worse, Seasonal Fixed Rates, Let Us Go Automation to Increase Revenue and Occupancy.

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28 Aug 2023 RM System

34 Best Hotel Revenue Management Software for 2023

As an expert in hotel technology, I've combed through the myriad of hotel revenue management system providers to compile a…

12 Dec 2022 RM System

How Technology Is Transforming the Hotel Revenue Management

Next-generation tech delivers a unique competitive advantage and provides better conditions to predict, forecast, and boost future business, revenue, and…

22 Apr 2015 RM System

Automation in Hospitality Revenue Management

The slogan of the successful Revenue Management is to sell the right product to the right customer at the right time and…

27 May 2014 RM System

The Problems with Yield Management Software

NB: This is an article written By : Ben Waldeck There are a number of yield management software solutions available…

21 Nov 2012 RM System

Revenue management systems can no longer cope with changed market conditions

Last week, I wrote about why today’s revenue management systems just aren’t working anymore. I detailed three areas which have…

15 Nov 2012 RM System

Why today’s RM systems just aren’t working anymore

Everyone in the industry agrees that the job of the revenue manager has fundamentally changed over the past few years.…

22 Jul 2011 RM System

Shifting From Manual to Automatic in Revenue Management.

Consider the difference between taking the stairs and riding the elevator to get to your high-rise office. Stairs: You climb,…

31 May 2011 RM System

Combing Technology and the Art of Revenue Management.

Revenue management in hotels is constantly evaluating several issues at this juncture – dynamically measuring the responsiveness of guests to…

26 May 2011 RM System

Consideration for Evaluation Revenue Management System

As a basic of RM, we all knew that the airline was the first to realize that the principle of…

07 Jul 2005 RM System

Revenue Management Systems — Considerations for Evaluation

A recent Cornell University Study found “hotels that price above their local competitors to be the most aggressive revenue managers.…

12 Jul 2002 RM System

Revenue Management Systems “Must-Have” or Luxury?

NB: This is an article written By: Jon Inge November 1998 – The marketplace is becoming more complex and competitive…

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