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From Accessing Niche Markets to Benefiting from The Billboard Effect, Listing Your Hotel on The Most Popular OTA’s Sites Has Many Perks

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17 Nov 2023 OTA

How to reduce OTA dependency and maximize profits

NB: This is an article written By :  Alexander Ragin Founder & CEO Zoftify.com Like many hoteliers, you probably built…

10 Feb 2023 OTA

A Hotel Guide for Avoiding OTA Panic and Rate Parity Games

OTAs are a fact of life in our industry. But there are so many negative feelings about them, constantly being…

25 May 2022 OTA

Understanding The Role Of OTAs In Boosting Hotel Revenue

NB: This is an article from : Hospitality Career Academy Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) are third-party booking platforms that allow…

27 May 2016 OTA

How to Calculate the Real Cost of Each Sales Channel

NB: This is an article written By : Pablo Delgado  Cheap? Expensive? Are you sure that you are measuring each…

17 Feb 2016 OTA

Why are Hotels Sleepwalking Into a State of Increased OTA Dependency?

NB: This is an article written By :  John Kearney For over the 15 years that I have been within…

24 Jan 2016 OTA

How will OTAs Evolve in 2016?

In the past two or three years, I was fortunate to speak at a variety of travel industry events about…

06 Oct 2015 OTA

Why “Book on Google” and “Book on TripAdvisor” Will Be a Nightmare for the Hospitality Industry

Background Following the lead of Kayak.com, which has turned itself into a meta-OTA-type of a service for quite some time…

08 Aug 2015 OTA

OTAs and the Billboard Effect

In the tug of war between hoteliers and online travel agencies (OTA), have you ever wondered why hotels just don’t…

17 Apr 2015 OTA

OTAs: Friend or foe?

If you ever attend a party with hoteliers, or if you know someone working in the hospitality marketing sphere, one…

01 Apr 2015 OTA

Beating OTAs at their own game with Rate Transparency on your Hotel Website

There’s a lot of buzz in the hotel industry these days about the rising costs of acquisition. It seems that…

17 Mar 2015 OTA

Is It Too Late to Fight Back Against Airbnb?

Despite what many have dismissed as a mere blip on the radar, Airbnb is a force to be reckoned with…

15 Mar 2015 OTA

The OTA duopoly: Priceline vs Expedia

Online Travel Agencies, better known as OTA, have been around for almost 20 years, so we really shouldn’t treat them as a…

13 Dec 2014 OTA

Why do consumers prefer booking with online travel agencies?

NB: This is an analysis by Francesco Canzoniere, ex-CEO of Viajar and now founder and managing director of Travel Performance. This article was originally…

09 Dec 2014 OTA

Why You Shouldn’t Sell Rooms for $7 on Hotel Tonight

This Thanksgiving holiday in the US was an eventful one for the hospitality industry. What got my attention was the…

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