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If Your KPI Aren’t Delivering the Results You Expect, It’s Time to Adjust Your Strategy and Ensure Your Teams Are Supporting the Overall Goals

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22 Sep 2023 KPI

20+ Useful KPIs For Managing Hotel Performance

Introduction As a hotel manager, it's important to be aware of key performance indicators (KPIs) and understand what they mean. This…

05 Jan 2023 KPI

Top 8 Hotel KPIs: How to Measure Hotel Performance

NB: This is an article from: You want to increase revenue, protect your margins, and forecast more accurately as…

29 Apr 2021 KPI

Key Influencing Factors of ADR, Occupancy Rate and RevPAR

NB: This is an article written By : Manoj Nandkeolyar Peter Drucker once said, “Profitability is the sovereign criterion of…

03 Jan 2021 KPI

The Top Five Hotel KPIs in 2021

NB: This is an article written By : Saahil Karkera  Throughout this pandemic, hoteliers everywhere had to find ways to…

03 Jan 2021 KPI

What Is GOPPAR and Why Does It Matter?

NB: This is an article written By: David Eisen The hotel industry has long been obsessed with revenue. But if…

26 Jan 2017 KPI

The 100% Occupancy Dilemma for Hotels, What Hoteliers Need to Achieve?

Every hotelier is familiar with and knows that Occupancy is the percentage of available rooms that were sold during a…

05 Oct 2015 KPI

Hotel Performance: RevPAR vs RevPOR vs RevPAG

Let's get the acronyms out of the way so there's no confusion: RevPAR = Revenue Per Available Room RevPOR = Revenue Per Occupied Room RevPAG = Revenue Per Available Guest The first…

10 Jun 2015 KPI

Hotel ADR Rise vs Distribution Channels Cost, What Hoteliers Need to Calculate?

According to the latest TravelClick data launched early May 2015, Hotel bookings from individual business and leisure travellers spiked across…

25 Mar 2015 Performance

Can RM Resolve Conflict between GOPPAR and REVPAR?

Far in the past for the hotel industry analysis, there were two simple classic indicators used to measure the hotel…

07 Sep 2014 KPI

Things you didn’t Know about RevPAR and ARPAR as a Better KPI

Part 1: The basic concept There are three most popular indexes that are currently used in the Revenue Management science:…

25 May 2014 KPI

3 Biggest Myths About Hotel Occupancy

Occupancy is one of the three main indexes used in the science of Revenue Management (along with ADR and RevPAR).…

08 Dec 2012 KPI

What is Your Hotel’s Market Share and Market Penetration?

NB: This is an article written By : Edward L. Xanders - Interim Hospitality Consultants, LLC First there was Occupancy…

25 May 2012 KPI

GOPPAR, RevPAR, ADR, How About Just Making Money?!

Every revenue manager has a different opinion on which revenue management metric is the “best”; in fact, there are probably…

30 Dec 2011 KPI

Understanding Hotel RevPAR

NB: This is an article written By:  William Reed Everyone’s heard about RevPAR, but do you really know exactly what…

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