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Optimizing Your Hotel Spa with More Traditional Examples of Revenue Management Strategies Include Dynamic Pricing, Menu Engineering, And Add-Ons

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06 Jan 2024 Spa RM

Turning The Latest Spa Designs and Trends Into Profits

NB: This is an article written By : Carol Stratford COVID 19's impact on the latest spa and wellness trends…

05 Nov 2023 Spa RM

Wellness Revenues for Any Hotel Brand Starts with Tech

NB: This is an article written By :  Adam Mogelonsky and Larry Mogelonsky Wellness is at the forefront in 2023, both as…

28 Jul 2023 Spa RM

Transform Your Spa Experience: 16 Best Spa Software

12 Best Spa Software After extensive analysis, I've curated a list of the top 12 spa software solutions. Each is…

03 Aug 2021 Spa RM

Goodbye Hotel Spa, Hello Hotel Health Hub!

NB: This is an article written By : Laszlo Puczko  Hotels spas have been facing significant challenges now for years.…

15 Aug 2020 Spa RM

Top 5 tips for boosting hotel spa revenue

NB: This is an article written By : Zoe Monk Make sure you consider covering upsells, streamlining your marketing…

18 Jul 2015 Spa RM

Beauty. Spa. Wellness. What is the Next Big Trend for Hotels?

A new upscale hotel development without a spa or wellness centre? Quite probably no. What not that long ago was…

05 Feb 2014 Spa RM

Hotel Spa Reservations Training Tips

Having spent most of my career presenting sales training for hotel front desk and room reservations agents, it has been…

07 May 2012 Spa RM

Top 5 Ideas for Spa and Salon Promotions

NB: This is an article from  Gooroo Group Here are some ideas on how to use Closely for your beauty…

12 Apr 2012 Spa RM

Top 10 Tips to Increase your Spa’s Profitability

1- Simplify your menu Structure A well designed and structured spa services menu can provide the essential flexibility to book services,…

16 Mar 2010 Spa RM

Spa Revenue Management Basics

In principle, spa managers should be able to apply revenue management to spa operations. To do so, however, requires a…

08 Apr 2009 Spa RM

Spas & Hotels: Compatible, Marketable & Profitable

Building, marketing and operating a spa is really not that different than building, marketing and operating a hotel or resort.…

16 Dec 2008 Spa RM

Spa Economics & Metrics: How your spa is doing?

We all know that any new four or five-star resort and many luxury urban hotels need to have a spa…

28 Apr 2008 Spa RM

Profitable Spas: Be On-Trend Rather Than Trendy

As someone who has made a career out of researching, planning, marketing and providing management advisory services for the spa…

13 Aug 2007 Spa RM

Spas – How To Stay On-trend And Make Money

One of the most popular marketing terms in the hospitality industry is the 3 letter word called “spa.” Other industries…

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